Hotel Camarillo Screening Times At HorrorCon!

The screening schedule for Hotel Camarillo at next week’s HorrorCon has just been posted. Here it is:

Hotel Camarillo will screen Friday September 25th at 5:30pm in the Museum screening room, and Saturday September 26th at 11:00am at the Expo Floor theater.

Read my previous blog for more details.

For tickets, get them here.

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Come and see HOTEL CAMARILLLO at this year’s Horrorcon! Hotel Camarillo will be part of HorrorCon International‘s film festival, and will be playing both days! I will update this blog with screening times once they are finalized.

HorrorCon International will be held September 25th-26th 2015 at

1933 Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90007

There will be exhibits, lectures, a Day Of The Dead celebration, and special guests like Sid Haig from “House Of 1000 Corpses”!

Visit the official website and get your tickets now!

HorrorCon International

Hotel Cam Screens At The C.I.A. Bar!

Wow, what a great time we had at Hotel Camarillo’s fifth public screening at the California Institute of Abnormalarts February 26th! We had an awesome turnout, with a lively Q&A about the documentary at the end. Then The Rhythm Coffin took the stage, throwing Styrofoam heads into the crowd! Thank you to everyone who came, and an especially big thanks to Mr. Carl Crew for hosting Hotel Camarillo at his C.I.A. Bar!

The Rhythm Coffin

Hotel Camarillo

California Institute of Abnormalarts

Hotel Camarillo Review by Richard Senate

A documentary about the old California State Mental Hospital, now State University, has been needed for some time. This presentation documents many of the paranormal events and investigations conducted by several different groups over the years and gives evidence that the place is indeed haunted. I was glad to be a part of this project and the final product reflects all of the research it took to bring this documentary to life. As the years go by, I am sure more reports of ghosts will surface until it becomes known as “Spook U”

Richard Senate, author The Haunted Southland


This Thursday (02-26-2015) “Hotel Camarillo” will screen at the legendary (and creepy!) California Institute of Abnormalarts! “Hotel Camarillo” will be followed by a performance by the band, The Rhythm Coffin! A great show! $10.00 admission at the door.

California Institute of Abnormal Arts
11334 Burbank Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Phone:(818) 221-8065

Updates; Radio Show Archives

I am going to have news of a new screening coming up in a couple days. Last minute, but it should be a great show.

“Hotel Camarillo” has appeared on several paranormal radio shows and had glowing reviews. Three of them are below.

I had a great time on Anthony WolfPaw Ortiz’s “The Chat Room” radio show, where I was interviewed for “Hotel Camarillo”! Check out the archive here:


Lance Philip’s radio show, THE PARANORMAL PULSE interviewed one of the investigators in “Hotel Camarillo”, and Lance was very impressed with the scope and professionalism of our documentary. Check out the archive here:

The Paranormal Pulse Episode 33 – An Interview with Frank Beruecos about the Hotel Camarillo documentary

On April 24, 2014, I appeared on Stefan Brigati’s My Darkest Hour on

On February 02, 2014, I appeared on the Spooky Kathy on