Hotel Camarillo Screening At Comikaze Expo 2015!

This is the biggest screening event HOTEL CAMARILLO has ever been a part of. On Halloween, come to Stan Lee’s COMIKAZE EXPO 2015 and see HOTEL CAMARILLO!

We will be screening the documentary Saturday, October 31st (HALLOWEEN! WooHoo!) at 10:00am in Room 513! Richard Carradine from GHOULA will join me for a Q&A about Camarillo State Mental Hospital and it’s haunted history, and the making of Hotel Camarilllo,

Get your tickets now, and come by and watch HOTEL CAMARILLO!

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo

UPDATE! Here’s the direct link to Hotel Camarillo’s listing on the Comikaze Expo’s website:

HOTEL CAMARILLO Comikaze Expo Listing


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