Debby Constantino and Cam

Debby Constantino received a copy of Hotel Camarillo on February 25th, and said she would let me know what she thought of it as soon as she watched it. We had been talking for a couple years on Facebook Messenger. I only heard from Mark once during a 3-way phone call. I was helping them on an unrelated money matter.

On June 7th, (4 months later) I wrote to Debby again, asking if she had a chance to see the DVD. I didn’t hear anything until over a month later, July 19th. Debby apologized, and said she had gotten a job, and things had been rough. She promised she’d watch Hotel Camarillo that night after work. Then we talked about Cam, how much she loved investigating there, and EVP captured there.

And that was the last time I communicated with her.

Hotel Camarillo Screening Times At HorrorCon!

The screening schedule for Hotel Camarillo at next week’s HorrorCon has just been posted. Here it is:

Hotel Camarillo will screen Friday September 25th at 5:30pm in the Museum screening room, and Saturday September 26th at 11:00am at the Expo Floor theater.

Read my previous blog for more details.

For tickets, get them here.

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Come and see HOTEL CAMARILLLO at this year’s Horrorcon! Hotel Camarillo will be part of HorrorCon International‘s film festival, and will be playing both days! I will update this blog with screening times once they are finalized.

HorrorCon International will be held September 25th-26th 2015 at

1933 Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90007

There will be exhibits, lectures, a Day Of The Dead celebration, and special guests like Sid Haig from “House Of 1000 Corpses”!

Visit the official website and get your tickets now!

HorrorCon International